A man walks into his garden. He has a Stihl® in his hand.


Featured image: random access memory number 1.

RAM I / 88,611 bytes.

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Featured image: Burnt-out Lantern, photography Anette Hermann

Burnt-out Lantern

Photographic study of Japanese Lantern, Physalis Alkekengi, expressed through shallow depth of field.

Featured image: Unmake; Anette Hermann photography


A man walks into his garden. He’s carrying a Stihl®.

Featured image: Hue 210; Anette Hermann photography

Hue 210º

An essay based on circumstances, captured in six photographs. Hue 210° refers to the blue colour.

featured image: Bird Fall Anette Hermann photography

Bird Fall

A nine picture composition questioning my interpretation and understanding of natural matters, as they present themselves through photographic media.

Featured image: Passage photography Anette Hermann


Generic transition #1-13. A series of photographic images featuring the same subject: A generic underground passageway lit by generic fluorescent light fixtures. Examining perception of space by altering colours, light qualities, and orientation.


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